Rehabilitation with Neuro Specialist in South Wales

Neuro-physiotherapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have had neurological condition,

Due to the complexities of the central nervous system,  people with neurological problems can have difficulties with day to day tasks e.g walking, washing and dressing.

Neurological physiotherapists are trained and keep up to date with the current evidenced based practice to assess and treat your condition  to help  facilitate normal movement  and manage your injury.

Spasticity management in South Wales

Spasticity is a condition which affects un-cont

rolled movement of the muscle, it causes the muscle in the arm and legs to become stiff and tight.

Spasticity management involves working closely with other therapy teams and  Medical team to seek correct medication, consider use of Botox alongside physiotherapy that will include, stretching, positioning and splinting to relive spams

Gait and Balance re-education in South Wales

Neurological conditions can lead to problems with walking. Walking can be difficult due to loss of balance, tightness in the muscle, sensation problems and Pain

Your Gait pattern will be analyzed and observed by a neuro physiotherapist who can help identify problems with your gait pattern, which can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

A treatment plan will be developed to

  • Exercises to help regain standing balance
  • Muscle strength training
  • Stretching to increase range of movement
  • Advice and assistance with Walking aids
  • Visual and Auditory cues

Exercise programmes in South Wales

A personalised exercise programme will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

The Physiotherapist will work closely with you and your family/Support Team to identify your rehabilitation goals.

The therapy team will be on hand to help support and motivate you through your exercise plan

Postural management in South Wales

Postural Management is aimed to identify an individualizes postural needs following a neurological condition.

Posture is assessed by the physiotherapist to make any changes to minimizing secondary complications and too maximize function.

Postural management is completed as a 24 hour program by working closely with other therapy teams in South Wales such as occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.